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Our group training sessions are designed to be specific and aligned with your goals no matter what your fitness level is. This is an affordable alternative to training alone with the instructor.


Meridian Fitness offers the award winning Titan Up Fitness 13 week fitness program at the Meridian Fitness Studio in Ponte Vedra for only $499. This is a 6 day a week program and lasts 13 weeks and was developed for anyone who wants to transform their body...FAST! Matthew Thornton also offers his BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER class for high school and college aged athletes and is 5 days a week for 10 weeks


Enjoy the freedom of working-out alone and keep with your own pace in order to achieve your goals.














Were you satisfied with your last workout?

Are you satisfied with your workout facility?

Do the people at your gym even know your name?

If you answered no to any of the previous listed questions, then it's time for a new challenge! It's time to Change your lifestyle and Meridian Fitness is the place for you!

Private Studio
Accountable Trainers
Capable Staff
Best Equipment
Beautiful Facilities
Fast Results
Affordable Prices